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Andrew Conroy

After working on projects like Life of Pi, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and various other feature projects in film and VFX, Andrew dreamed up and founded Long Winter Studios, where he now serves as the Creative Director and CEO. In total, Andrew has been involved in 6 features, multiple AAA game titles and countless commercials. His passion for quality and compelling characters fuels Long Winter and keeps the studio’s focus always on the story.

Eric Meister
Creative Director - LONG WINTER 

He grew up with a pencil in his hand and imagination in his blood. Eric has been a 2D animator and character designer for several years and continues to delight audiences with his fresh take on people and life. He also puts pen to paper here at Long Winter, designing new characters and adding that 2D animation magic to characters during the development stage.

Thomas Moore
Asset Supervisor - LONG WINTER

Don’t be fooled by this guy’s boyish good looks. Thomas knows his way around all elements of the character pipeline. He keeps our pipeline on the cutting edge. From tools development all the way to rendering, Thomas brings a focus on detail and quality to all elements of Character Development needed for large scale, high profile productions. 

Bryan Ransom


Bryan is always running 100 mph. He’s developed over 15 different TV series and feature length films. Born and raised in the Carolina’s, he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from NC State University. He uses all his strengths in his role with the mind of an Engineer and the heart of an Artist.

JM Khayat
COO / Studio Director - MOONDOG
At age 5, JM knew he was going to grow up to work in animation. He’s fulfilled his childhood dream for 28 years. He has built, led, and directed for four studios in France. His most successful projects have included work for France Television, Nickelodeon, Canal+, and Eurosport.

Ben Davis
CTO / Technology Strategist - MOONDOG
Ben lives at the razor’s edge, the balance of Art and Tech; which can be very dangerous at times. He started his art career at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, then polished his craft with a BFA from Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Annecy, France. With plenty of experience in animation studios working for France Télévision, Nickelodeon & Canal+; his 16 years of experience in the field has expanded his expertise into Virtual Reality as well.
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